Linguistics for Literacy

Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy

This eight-week course is intended primarily for students who desire to extend their knowledge and expertise in the linguistic aspects of literacy work, particularly those relating to the development of writing systems and literature for previously unwritten languages.

It is taught in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL, as part of Redcliffe's Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy (formerly ETP UK). 

Course content

Students must have successfully completed a course in Phonetics (as offered in Language and Culture Acquisition) but no other knowledge of linguistics is required.The course includes:
  • essential concepts in phonology, morphology, syntax and discourse analysis;
  • writing system design, taking into account sociolinguistic as well as linguistic factors;
  • application of linguistic knowledge to the preparation of materials for reading instruction.
Emphasis is laid on the importance of equipping mother tongue speakers with a linguistic understanding of their language so that they can take ownership of the process of language development.

The course forms part of the content of our MA Literacy Programme Development

Lingustics for Literacy

Dates of next course

5 January - 6 March 2015 at Redcliffe College - 8 weeks teaching, with a one week break.
Application deadline (if you are only studying this course) 24 November 2014

Information about fees for tuition and accommodation is available on the fees page

Entry requirements
The usual entry requirements for a Redcliffe College postgraduate level course apply.