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Encounters Mission Journal

Encounters Mission Journal, disucssing the latest issues in missionEncounters Mission Journal is an online, topical mission journal published four times a year by Redcliffe College.

The purpose of Encounters is to stimulate and resource the mission community and provide a space for those involved in the thinking and practice of mission to express and exchange their views on a variety of issues.

As well as regular contributions from Redcliffe faculty Encounters draws on a wide range of academics and practitioners from around the globe.

You can read the latest issues of Encounters Mission Journal below.  
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Encounters Mission Journal, disucssing the latest issues in mission
Sep20 20 September 2013 by Graham Dancy and Tim Davy, lecturer in Bible and Mission

Issue 46 September 2013
A good teacher never stops learning and reflecting. This edition of Encounters is dedicated to book reviews by members of the faculty of Redcliffe College. Although the titles covered are varied, the unifying theme is our request to participants that they complement their reviews by reflecting on how their reading might be useful for or influence their teaching.

Jun12 12 June 2013 by Hugh Kemp, Academic Dean and Head of Mission Studies, Redcliffe College
Issue 45 June 2013
At first reading the contents of this edition seem eclectic: two lead articles, two book reviews and an interview. Indeed they are, yet each represents the incarnation of the Gospel of Christ in innovative ways: dialogue with Buddhists, creative prayer spaces for British kids, and restorative justice as an alternative vision to conflict and punishment.   read more...
Mar19 19 March 2013 by Tim Davy, Biblical Studies and Mission Lecturer; Directorof Centre for the Study of Bible & Mission

Issue 44 March 2013
In 2011 we invited Eddie Arthur to give the Annual Lecture in Bible and Mission here at Redcliffe College. This issue of Encounters, which features the full text of Eddie’s paper plus a series of responses from around the globe. The event was sponsored by Wycliffe, Bible Society and Keswick Ministries

Dec6 06 December 2012 by Tim Davy, Biblical Studies and Mission Lecturer; Directorof Centre for the Study of Bible & Mission
Issue 43 December 2012
‘Teaching is useless unless you can learn from your students.’
This quote, attributed to the actor and artist Martin Dansky, sums up the ethos of this latest issue of Encounters. Each of the four articles published below represent the fruit of some excellent thinking and research by postgraduate students at Redcliffe College. read more...
Oct1 01 October 2012 by Andy Kingston-Smith

Issue 42  Oct 2012
This edition of encounters is focused around the theme of water. A number of aspects relating to water are considered in contemporary local and global contexts, and what clearly emerges is the need to engage critically (and missionally) with the challenges presented by this most precious of resources.

Jul23 23 July 2012 by Guest editor, Simon Steer

Issue 41 Jul 2012
This issue of Encounters focuses on the theme of Sport. If the literature on the theology of sport is limited, missiological reflection on this ubiquitous human activity fares little better. We hope that this issue will provide a way in to some of the literature that does exist and prompt further discussion and writing. Even more importantly, we hope that many will be motivated to engage in the practice of ‘sports mission’. In one of the articles we receive a profound challenge: ‘For the church to have no designated strategy for reaching this huge people group is at best ignorance and at worst folly’. We hope that this edition of Encounters provides encouraging evidence that such a strategy is developing and prompt further efforts to demonstrate the Lordship of Christ in the world of sport.

Apr30 30 April 2012 by Andy & Carol Kingston-Smith
Issue 40  Apr 12
This edition explores issues of economic (in)justice and provides Christian responses in a variety of contexts. From engaging historical and Biblical roots, to considering contemporary challenges such as the Occupy movement, a number of contributors seek to unravel many of the myths and premises on which our economic structures have been built. The challenge is for the Church to advocate more purposefully, and propose alternative economic methods and strategies,leading to a more humane approach to economic well-being. read more...
Jan1 01 January 2012 by Rob Hay
Issue 39  Jan 12
This edition explores the issue of toxic leadership, presents a reflection of the personal journey into leadership of the OM UK Director, attempts to unpack the term 'Global Leadership', looks at effecting simple or complex change in your organisation and explores two evaluation tools that help in understanding an organisations culture.
Oct1 01 October 2011 by Rob Cook
Issue 38  Sep 11
This edition is based on Dr Rob Cook's '2011 Redcliffe Lecture in World Christianity: The Place of Animals in the Purposes of God'. It includes the full lecture transcript and audio, as well as rejoinders from several other theologians and scholars and other supporting articles.
Jun1 01 June 2011 by Andy Kingston-Smith
Issue 37  Jun 11
This edition presents expert information on contemporary energy issues and the challenge of safeguarding a sustainable future. It also explores thinking which challenges many traditional mission attitudes towards the Environment. read more...

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